World War Two

World War Two

Selection of documentaries, interviews and podcasts about World War Two. From the Rise of the Hitler to the Liberation of Europe and the Atom Bomb.

World War Two
  • The Savage Storm: The Allied Invasion of Italy

    1 season

    On 3rd September 1943 the men of the 8th British Army landed on the toe of the Italian peninsula, around the city of Reggio Calabria. It was the first time a force this size had been on continental Europe since the dramatic evacuation from Dunkirk in 1940 and were the first tentative steps toward...

  • Meet the Veterans

    1 season

  • The Lost Sailors - Solving a World War II Mystery

    During WWII, the sailors of the British merchant navy played a vital role keeping the UK fed and armed. They carried essential supplies across the treacherous Atlantic - and many paid with their lives. What's less well known is that many of those sailors were Chinese - volunteers who came to Brit...

  • My Father's War: How Pearl Harbor Transformed America

    Join Don Wildman, as he discovers how Pearl Harbor transformed America and changed the lives of a whole generation of Americans, including his father's.

  • Battle of Britain: Three Days that Saved the Nation

    1 season

    July 10th 1940 is officially the start of the Battle of Britain. To mark that summer of aerial warfare, History Hit is showing this special documentary series.

    With Hitler determined to bring Britain to its knees, Nazi bombers unleashed a campaign of terror. From north to south, the skies were...

  • Hitler vs Stalin: The Battle for Stalingrad

    1 season

    80 Years ago the armies of Hitler and Stalin went head to head in the bloodiest battle of the Second World War.

    Fought over five months through the bitter Russian Winter, the Battle for Stalingrad would serve as a turning point in the course of the Second World War and would mark a drastic chang...

  • Tanks of World War Two: With James Holland

    1 season

    Historian, broadcaster and World War Two expert James Holland investigates the most iconic armoured fighting vehicles of the Second World War.

  • Barbarossa: The Lost Diaries

    1 season

    On 22 June 1941, Nazi Germany launched ‘Operation Barbarossa’, the attack of the Soviet Union, the largest invasion in military history. In June 2019, twelve dusty notebooks and a wealth of loose paperwork were discovered in Germany; the diaries of Oberleutnant Friedrich Wilhelm Sander, a young o...

  • The Traces of War: The Battle for France

    The traces of war are everywhere - if you know where to look.

    Dr James Rogers, Assistant Professor of War Studies, is fascinated by these remains and exactly what they can tell us about not just the changing nature of war through time - but the stories of the people who lived through those event...

  • Hitler's Most Wanted

    1 season

    Hitler’s Most Wanted takes a fresh look at how and why a generation of men and women living in a cultured, European society became the leaders of one of the most barbaric regimes of all time, responsible for starting a war that killed more than 60 million people.

    Visiting the villages and towns ...

  • Ten Days to Victory

    1 season

    Ten characters, ten dramatic stories, ten extraordinary days, all leading to one historic event: the end of the greatest war the world has ever known. Combining large-scale reconstructions with traditional documentary storytelling to evoke the climactic last moments of the Second World War.

  • My Neighbour Hitler

    From 1929 to 1939, Edgar Feuchtwanger lived across the street from Adolf Hitler in a bourgeois building in Munich, Germany. From his bedroom, the young Jewish boy had a view of the Führer across the avenue on the second floor. A schoolboy in Munich at the time, Edgar witnessed the rise of Nazism ...

  • Benjamin Ferencz: The Nuremberg Prosecutor

    Brilliant Lawer, at only 27 years old, Benjamin Ferencz was the youngest prosecutor in charge of the sentencing nazi criminals in Nuremberg on 1946. Relentless fighter for peace he never stopped trying to make the world a more human place, always governed by the spirit of the law.
    After the war a...

  • The Trial of Adolf Eichmann

    The Eichmann trial marks a real turning point in the emergence of the memory of the genocide of the Jews, in Israel, Germany and the United States. It is the first major transnational narrative that constructs the genocide of the Jews as a distinct event in the Second World War. It was intended a...

  • Memories of D-Day

    June 6th 1944. Operation Overlord begins. Discover D-Day through the photographic eyes of the British Soldiers. In this film the memories of Peter Norris, Harry Oakes, John Aldred and Peter Handford of their photographic activity during D-Day are recollected and allow us to better understand the ...

  • The Light of Dawn: 6 June 1944

    1 season

    This 2 part documentary, made entirely with remastered and colourised archive footage, traces Operation Overlord from its genesis to the Battle of Normandy. The film depicts the epic story of one of the greatest military operations ever conceived by man, from the summer of 1941 – when Churchill a...

  • The Invasion: the Outbreak of World War II

    1 season

  • Uncovering the Band of Brothers

    1 season

    80 years ago, millions of American soldiers started arriving in Britain, a friendly invasion that was here to prepare for the liberation of Europe. Amongst them was Easy Company of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment - that would become the famous Band of Brothers. Now, a team of volunteers, in...

  • The Abyss: Rise and Fall of the Nazis

    1 season

    How could a crisis-ridden democracy turn into an apocalypse with war and genocide? The rise and fall of National Socialism is told from an international perspective to offer a new comprehensive view on German history between 1918 and 1948.

  • Etoa: A Kokoda Track Story

    Seventy-five years after the horrors of the Pacific War, the forgotten perspectives of the local people emerge as a crew of archaeologists arrive in remote Papua New Guinea in search of the remains of lost soldiers.

    The legacy of the Kokoda campaign contributes an enormous amount to the DNA of c...

  • Hitler's Secret Weapons Manager: The Two Lives of Hans Kammler

  • The Lancaster Bomber

    The Lancaster Bomber tells how, as Bomber Command’s most destructive weapon, it went on to become instrumental in the defeat of Nazi Germany during the second world war.

    With contributions from military historians Alexandra Churchill, Dr Peter Johnston and James Holland, authors Leo McKinstry (L...

  • Australia's Pearl Harbor: The Bombing of Darwin

    In February 1942, the Second World War came to Australia. The same Japanese fleet that had attacked Pearl Harbor only ten weeks before had set its sights on a new target. The harbour town of Darwin. In two separate attacks on February 19 1942, nearly 250 Japanese aircraft wreaked havoc on the lig...

  • Poland at War

    1 season

    A people destroyed. A landscape changed by war. From the streets of Warsaw to the titanic tank battles around the fields of Radzymin, and the horrors of Treblinka. Join Professor Alexandra Richie as she explores the brutal and bloodied history of Poland during the Second World War.