World War Two

World War Two

Selection of documentaries, interviews and podcasts about World War Two. From the Rise of the Hitler to the Liberation of Europe and the Atom Bomb.

World War Two
  • Voices of the Victims

    1 season

    A series of films exploring the experiences of children during the Holocaust.

  • D-Day: Secrets of the Solent

    On 6 June 1944, Allied forces undertook the largest air, land and sea invasion in history. On D-Day, more than 150,000 allied troops stormed five assault beaches in Normandy, attempting to break through Hitler's Atlantic Wall. ⁠

    Whilst the remnants of the D-Day landings can be seen all around No...

  • Confronting a Nazi Past

    Derek Niemman and Noemie Lopian work together. Two people from very different backgrounds, they tour the world telling people about their family stories. Author and writer Derek Niemann discovered only a few years ago that the grandfather he never knew had been an SS officer, in charge of slave l...

  • The Road to D-Day

    1 season

    Series, produced in the 1990s, about the run up to D-Day. Featuring some remarkable interviews from those who were there.

  • Heroes on Deck: World War Two on Lake Michigan

    Between 1943 and 1945, two U.S. Navy aircraft carriers, USS Wolverine and USS Sable, stationed at Navy Pier in Chicago functioned as a training platform for about 17,000 pilots, signal officers and other personnel. Former U.S. President, George H.W. Bush was among the pilots who learned to take o...

  • Lost and Found: The Search for USS Lagarto

    A fierce WWII battle at sea, unreported for more than 60 years is revealed at the bottom of the Gulf of Thailand in HD underwater video. There lay the US submarine Lagarto and the remains of her 86 crewmen, whose families share how their husbands’ and fathers' disappearance shaped their lives. Wr...

  • May 1940: Churchill's Finest Hour

    It was a moment of mortal peril. Britain reeled from a series of devastating military defeats. Its politicians faced one of the most monumental decisions in 20th century history. Faced with a rampant Germany on the continent led by the fascist dictator Adolf Hitler, should Britain fight? Or make ...

  • Bismarck: The Definitive Account

    1 season

    A definitive account of the hunt for and sinking of the flagship of the German Kriegsmarine, Bismarck. Featuring Andrew Choong, curator at the National Maritime Museum, naval historian Nick Hewitt and Angus Konstam, author of 'Hunt the Bismarck'. Presented by Dan Snow.

  • Poland At War

    4 items

    A people destroyed. A landscape changed by war. From the streets of Warsaw to the titanic tank battles around the fields of Radzymin, and the horrors of Treblinka. Join Professor Alexandra Richie as she explores the brutal and bloodied history of Poland during the Second World War.

  • My Father's War: How Pearl Harbor Transformed America

    Join Don Wildman, as he discovers how Pearl Harbor transformed America and changed the lives of a whole generation of Americans, including his father's.

  • Battle Honours

    6 items

    An extraordinary war demanded extraordinary soldiers. Forged into elite bands of brothers by facing the trials of war together, these are the stories of the Second World War's most famous fighting formations and their journey through tragedy and triumph to earn their battle honours.

  • Wellington Bomber

    Archival footage and interviews with Flt. Lt. Rupert "Tiny" Cooling distinguish this fascinating documentary special on the preeminent British bomber of the Second World War: the Wellington.

  • The Worst Journey in the World: The Arctic Convoys

    In August 1941, the Allies launched Operation Dervish. This was the first of the Arctic Convoys, ships which sailed from the United Kingdom, Iceland and North America, and brought essential supplies to the Soviet Union.

    After the successful launch of Operation Barbarossa, the USSR was in despe...

  • Bombing Campaigns of the Second World War

    75 years ago, in the spring of 1945, the aerial assault on Germany was reaching a crescendo as city after city was devastated by British and American bomber fleets. James Holland, leading World War Two historian and bestselling author, joins Dan Snow on the podcast to talk about why and how the b...

  • Australia's Pearl Harbor: The Bombing of Darwin

    In February 1942, the Second World War came to Australia. The same Japanese fleet that had attacked Pearl Harbor only ten weeks before had set its sights on a new target. The harbour town of Darwin. In two separate attacks on February 19 1942, nearly 250 Japanese aircraft wreaked havoc on the lig...

  • The Treasure in the Tin Cup: Artefacts and Archive from Auschwitz

    In the Holocaust, also referred to as the Shoah, Nazis systematically murdered some 6 million European Jews. Between 1941 and 1945, around two-thirds of the Jewish population in Europe were killed. Jews were part of a larger group that included anyone the Nazis considered to be ‘Untermenschen’, o...

  • Tanks of World War Two: With James Holland

    4 items

    Historian, broadcaster and World War Two expert James Holland investigates the most iconic armoured fighting vehicles of the Second World War.

  • Barbarossa: The Lost Diaries

    1 season

    On 22 June 1941, Nazi Germany launched ‘Operation Barbarossa’, the attack of the Soviet Union, the largest invasion in military history. In June 2019, twelve dusty notebooks and a wealth of loose paperwork were discovered in Germany; the diaries of Oberleutnant Wilhelm Sander, a young officer in ...

  • Secrets of Hitler's Island Fortress

    Guernsey and its neighbouring islands have a unique distinction which sets them apart from the rest of the British Isles. Together with the rest of the Channel Islands, they were the only part of the British Isles to fall to Nazi Germany in the Second World War. In this documentary, Dan Snow disc...

  • The Traces of War: The Battle for France

    The traces of war are everywhere - if you know where to look.

    Dr James Rogers, Assistant Professor of War Studies, is fascinated by these remains and exactly what they can tell us about not just the changing nature of war through time - but the stories of the people who lived through those event...

  • Imphal and Kohima: Britain's Greatest Battle

    The Battles of Imphal and Kohima was a crucial turning point in the attempted Japanese invasion of India during World War Two. By October 1942 Singapore, Hong-Kong, Malaysia and Burma had all fallen to the Japanese; the Imperial army looked unbeatable. Yet it was then, when morale was at its lowe...

  • Searching for My Father: The Story of 144 Squadron

    80 years ago Wing Commander Joseph Watts was killed when his RAF Hampden Bomber crashed, as it returned from a bombing raid in Occupied Europe. He left behind a daughter, and also an unborn son. John Watts, born 8 months later, would never meet his father. But recently he discovered that at the R...

  • Fortress Britain: Red Sands Forts

    During the Second World War, the City of London was a major target for both naval and aerial bombardment. In 1943, numerous towers were built in the Thames Estuary as anti-aircraft defences to protect the capital. Known as the Red Sands Forts, these Star Wars Walker-like constructions were initia...

  • In Defence of the Reich: Hitler's Atlantic Wall

    In 1942, Hitler ordered the construction of an extensive system of coastal defences and fortifications along the coast of continental Europe and Scandinavia as a defence against an anticipated Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe from the United Kingdom during the Second World War. The Atlanti...