Poland at War

Poland at War

4 Episodes

A people destroyed. A landscape changed by war. From the streets of Warsaw to the titanic tank battles around the fields of Radzymin, and the horrors of Treblinka. Join Professor Alexandra Richie as she explores the brutal and bloodied history of Poland during the Second World War.

Poland at War
  • Jaktory House: Europe's Forgotten Battleground

    Episode 1

    20 miles north-east of Warsaw lies the small Polish town of Radzymin. Forgotten by history, this region is home to Jaktory House, a small manor house or dwór which has been at the centre of some of the most remarkable and violent history of the twentieth century. Napoleon was here, Lenin was here...

  • Surviving Under Rule: The Story of Occupied Poland

    Episode 2

    After their country was invaded in 1939 on two fronts, by both German and Soviet forces, those who lived in occupied Poland throughout the Second World War endured some of the most appalling living conditions and became the victims of the most horrific war crimes of the Holocaust. From the ghetto...

  • The Silent Fight: Poland's Underground Resistance

    Episode 3

    After the country's occupation in 1939, the people of Poland were brutally oppressed by the Nazi SS and Geheime Staatspolizei. Yet, they never gave up the fight. Throughout the Second World War, a Polish Underground State was established - the largest underground resistance movement in all of occ...

  • Suppression: The Battle For Poland's Soul

    Episode 4

    In 1945, as the Red Army arrived at the edge of Warsaw, it was confronted by a sea of destruction, rubble, ash and misery. Arriving as "liberators", the shadow of the Soviet Union would soon loom large over a population brutalised by five long years of Nazi occupation - a population that had los...