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🎧The First Australians

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  • 🎧 The Queen of Hearts: The Forgotten ...

    As a contribution to International Women's Day last Tuesday, this episode of Not Just the Tudors is a tribute to one of the great - but largely forgotten - Queens of the Early Modern period.

    Elizabeth Stuart may only be vaguely recalled today as the sister of King Charles I, the grandmother of K...

  • 🎧 ENDURANCE22: Arrival in Antarctica

    Icebergs, albatrosses and growlers- the team have crossed the Antarctic circle! In the first of our episodes recorded from Antarctica, Dan takes you on a tour of the ship and brings you updates with expedition lead John Shears and marine archeologist Mensun Bound. Hear how the crew are passing th...

  • 🎧 Britain's Battle for LGBT+ Rights

    Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988 was a controversial amendment to the UK's Local Government Act 1986, enacted on 24 May 1988 and repealed on 21 June 2000 in Scotland, and on 18 November 2003 in the rest of the UK by section 122 of the Local Government Act 2003. The amendment stated tha...

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