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Watch this video and more on History Hit

🎧 Britain's Battle for LGBT+ Rights

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  • 🎧 The Last Invasion of Britain

    Popular knowledge may claim Hastings as the site of the last invasion of mainland Britain by Norman forces in 1066. True, this was the last successful invasion however in 1797 there was a much less successful one.

    In fact, the last time any invaders foot ever stood upon the soil of mainland Brit...

  • 🎧 WW1 - Airpower Over Gallipoli

    Located in the southern part of East Thrace, the European part of Turkey, with the elongated embayment of the Aegean Sea to the west and the Dardanelles strait to the east is The Gallipoli peninsula. When we think of Gallipoli, people often look at the land-based components, but what about airpow...

  • Jamie Oliver on Sustainable Eating & ...

    Hear a new side to Jamie as they discuss his rise to fame and the dismissiveness he faced from other well known chefs during the early Naked Chef days. They also chat about the problems with Britain’s cooking culture, the future of the food industry, and nearly taking out Oprah Winfrey on a scoot...

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