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Watch this video and more on History Hit

🎧 My Life as a Child Prisoner of War

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    From a rifle-carrying brothel madam to missionaries walking for months on end; from the Native American First Ladies of settler outposts to the mormon pilgrim whose name meant ‘rotten vagina’: the women of the American West were a varied group.

    Usually when we talk about the ‘Wild West’ we think...

  • 🎧 Going to Church in Medieval England

    Parish churches were at the heart of English social life in the Middle Ages. But how did they come into existence? Who staffed them? And how were the buildings used?

    In this episode of Gone Medieval, Matt Lewis talks to Professor Nicholas Orme, whose new book Going to Church in Medieval England...

  • 🎧 Wars in the Atlantic World

    How has warfare shaped the way humans live in the Atlantic World? Well, a lot. Military campaigns from the late Middle Ages to the Age of Revolution drove the development of technologies like ships, port facilities, fortresses, and roads. Crossing the ocean was made possible, connecting previousl...

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