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  • Top 5 Outlaws in the Wild West

    The ‘Wild West’ is a term often used to describe the American frontier between the mid-19th and early 20th century. It is a period in history that has long captured the imagination of a global audience. A large part of this fascination stems from the fact that this period was a complete dichotomy...

  • The Battle of Towton: Was It Really the Bloodiest in English History?

    1 season

    The Battle of Towton in 1461 has long held the distinction of being the largest and bloodiest battle on English soil. A decisive moment in the Wars of the Roses, it saw the Yorkist Edward IV defeat his Lancastrian rival Henry VI and claim the English throne. But are claims that the number of deat...

  • Charting History

    1 season

    In this series for History Hit, we unroll the map to create a visual timeline of the most successful empires in history.

  • Debunking The Myths Of Tutankhamun

    Who was Tutankhamun? How did he die? Was Tutankhamun's tomb cursed? In this video we attempt to answer all these questions and more with Prof Joyce Tyldesley from the University of Manchester.

    Tutankhamun, 'The Boy King' of Ancient Egypt, is one of history's most famous names. Though his short r...

  • Hidden London

    1 season

  • Homo Erectus: Why did the Most Successful Early Human Go Extinct?

    The Ancients host Tristan Hughes sits down with Professor John Mcnabb at the University of Southampton to discuss the extinct species of archaic human, Homo Erectus (aka the 'Upright Man') that existed about 2 million years ago.

    Were these ancient ancestors the first to make stone tools? Were th...

  • Churchill War Rooms Final

    The host of History Hit's 'Warfare' podcast James Rogers sits down with author and military historian John Buckley in the (IWM) Churchill War Rooms to discuss his new book: 'The Armchair General: Can You Defeat the Nazis?'

    Listen to the Warfare podcast here:

  • The Origins Of Homo Sapiens

    From where did humans originate? What did the earliest humans look like? Why did homo sapiens survive while other hominin species went extinct?

    In this filmed episode of The Ancients podcast, we're on location at the Natural History Museum in London as Tristan Hughes delves into a huge topic; t...

  • The First Crusade

    The Massive Logistical Challenges Of The First Crusade (With Crusader Kings III)

    In this video medieval historian Matt Lewis explores the numerous logistical challenges faced by the leaders of the First Crusade, and how each was overcome. How was such a diverse military force brought together? H...

  • A Brief History Of Ukraine

  • The Rarest World War Two Planes'Are These The Rarest Planes of World War Two?'

    In this History Hit exclusive video, Luke Tomes and Louee Dessent travel to the Battle of Britain Airshow at Imperial War Museums Duxford to find the rarest, whackiest and most unique aircraft that saw active service in the Second World War.

    Starting their day at the Aircraft Restoration Compan...

  • Weapons of War: Firearms Challenge

    In this video exclusive to the History Hit YouTube channel, Louee Dessent and Luke Tomes headed to the Royal Armouries Museum firing range in Leeds to shoot three guns spanning four centuries of history!

    With the help and guidance of Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at Royal Armouries in Leeds, Jo...

  • Alderney With Dan Snow

    Join Dan Snow as he explores one of the world's most fortified islands, discovering Roman ramparts, Victorian gun emplacements and giant underground bunkers built by the German occupiers during the Second World War.

    Alderney may be a tiny scrap of land in the English Channel - part of the Channe...

  • Quickfire Questions with Author Bernard Cornwell

    English author Bernard Cornwell, best known for his novels about Napoleonic Wars rifleman Richard Sharpe, sits down with Dan Snow to answer some quickfire questions for the fans. Ever wondered if an early 19th Century infantryman could really fire three rounds a minute? Or whether Bernard plans o...

  • The Suprising Truth About Beauty Standards in the Middle Ages

    What made you attractive in the Middle Ages? In this filmed episode of the History Hit podcast Betwixt the Sheets, Dr Kate Lister interviews medieval historian Eleanor Janega about medieval beauty standards, hygiene and the perspectives of women throughout the Middle Ages.

    You can listen to Kat...

  • Debunking the Myths of Ancient Sparta

    "Did 300 Spartans Really Fight at the Battle of Thermopylae?"

    Ancient historian Professor Michael Scott sits down with History Hit's Tristan Hughes to dispel some of the myths we continue to believe about Ancient Sparta.

  • A History of the Cutty Sark

    Alice Loxton heads to Royal Museums Greenwich to visit the Cutty Sark, one of the most famous 'clipper' ship that traversed the world’s major trading routes in the late 19th Century. Alice was even lucky enough to climb the rigging of the spectacular tea clipper!

    Experience life at sea for yours...

  • Climbing The Rigging of An 18th Century Tall Ship

    The team had the opportunity to film on an authentic, wooden tall ship, similar to those used by the Royal Navy in the 18th century. The ship is called Phoenix, a two-masted Brig based in Penzance.

    The height from the waterline to the top of Phoenix’s mast is over 80 feet, a long way to fall. N...

  • How Much Damage Can an 18th Century Cannon Do?

    How much damage will an 18th century cannon do to our wooden targets? History Hit's Dan Snow tested out this replica naval cannon on a firing range and the results were shocking.

    Trafalgar Day means only one thing. It’s time to fire a late-18th Century cannon.

    In this video, historian Dan Snow...