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  • History Bites

    1 season

    Historians sample historical food and drink from across the world in this series from History Hit.

  • Egyptian Hieroglyphs: Decoded

    Have you ever wanted to learn how to read hieroglyphs? Egyptologist Chris Naunton explores the history of hieroglyphs and how they were decoded.

  • 7 Wonders of the Ancient World

    People have always looked to the wonders of the ancient world for awe and inspiration. In the Ancient era, people embarked on dangerous pilgrimages to visit storied sites like the Pyramids of Giza, or the Statue of Zeus at Olympia. While only one of them remains, they still excite us thousands of...

  • The Origins Of Homo Sapiens

    From where did humans originate? What did the earliest humans look like? Why did homo sapiens survive while other hominin species went extinct?

    In this filmed episode of The Ancients podcast, we're on location at the Natural History Museum in London as Tristan Hughes delves into a huge topic; t...

  • Was Rameses II The Greatest Pharaoh Of Ancient Egypt?

    The life, reign, and legacy of Rameses II, one of the greatest pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Exploring dynastic history, military exploits, cultural influence, and architectural achievements, Dr. Campbell Price sheds light on Rameses II's mark on Egyptian civilization. From the colossal temple at Ab...

  • Hidden London

    1 season

  • Top 5 Outlaws in the Wild West

    The ‘Wild West’ is a term often used to describe the American frontier between the mid-19th and early 20th century. It is a period in history that has long captured the imagination of a global audience. A large part of this fascination stems from the fact that this period was a complete dichotomy...

  • Debunking The Myths Of Tutankhamun

    Who was Tutankhamun? How did he die? Was Tutankhamun's tomb cursed? In this video we attempt to answer all these questions and more with Prof Joyce Tyldesley from the University of Manchester.

    Tutankhamun, 'The Boy King' of Ancient Egypt, is one of history's most famous names. Though his short r...

  • The Battle of Towton: Was It Really the Bloodiest in English History?

    1 season

    The Battle of Towton in 1461 has long held the distinction of being the largest and bloodiest battle on English soil. A decisive moment in the Wars of the Roses, it saw the Yorkist Edward IV defeat his Lancastrian rival Henry VI and claim the English throne. But are claims that the number of deat...

  • History Ranked

    1 season

    Historians rank topics in history!

  • Historians Answer Google's Most Popular Questions

    1 season

    Your questions on history answered by historians.

  • Medieval Punishments

    Historian Matt Lewis explains the worst medieval torture techniques.

  • The Complete History Of Vladimir Putin's Rise To Power

    Vladimir Putin is the modern face of dictatorship, rising out of the ashes of the chaotic Yeltsin years. In the 90's, Putin was a relatively unknown figure would go on to occupy an untouchable position in a country spanning 11 timezones. We delve inside the twisted mind of Vladimir Putin.

  • The Medieval Dancing Plague with Eleanor Janega

    When people think of Medieval diseases, hysterical dancing is not usually what first comes to mind. Yet in 14th and 15th century Germany, dozens of ordinary people claimed to be infected by the ‘dancing plague’. What was this mysterious phenomenon? What caused it? And was it even a real disease?

  • Life In The Middle Ages

    What did medieval people eat? Were medieval knights jacked? Why was medieval torture so cruel? Medieval historian and co-host of the Gone Medieval Podcast Matt Lewis answers Google's most searched questions about the medieval world.

  • Unpacking the Myths of King Arthur with Eleanor Janega

    King Arthur. Merlin. The Knights of the Round Table and the Sword in the Stone. We think we know these stories but they've changed a lot since they were first told...

    In this episode of History Hit's After Dark podcast, Maddy and Anthony are joined by Dr. Eleanor Janega, host of the Gone Mediev...

  • The Real Story Behind Anne Boleyn's Ghost

    Get ready for carriages pulled by headless horses, spooky palaces, a weird floating cylinder thing...and a single moment in history that has haunted England, and now Britain's, imagination for hundreds of years.

    In this episode of After Dark, Anthony and Maddy talk the ghost of Anne Boleyn, Quee...

  • Debunking Myths of Spartan Warriors

    Characterised as super soldiers, formidable fighters who would rather perish than surrender - their reputation truly did proceed them.

    But how accurate is this image - and does it correlate with what the ancient sources actually tell us?

    In this filmed episode of The Ancients podcast Sparta m...

  • The Biggest Unsolved Mysteries in History

    In Dan Snow's long career as a broadcaster, he's come across all sorts of unexplained phenomena, myths and mysteries- from searching for the Nazi Gold Train in Poland to debunking the mummy's curse in Tutankhamun's tomb and looking for answers about ball lightning.

    History is full of the weird ...

  • Sex Lives of the Ancient Romans

    Joined by historian Honor Cargill-Martin, Tristan Hughes explores the real sex lives of ancient Rome.

    From popular series to kinky paintings, there is a recurring image today of Romans as sex-mad degenerates. And although there are sex stories in the dozens from the Roman period, when it comes ...

  • Ancient Greece

    Did the Ancient Greeks really invent the olympics? What did they wear? How did they party? What did Ancient Greek music sound like?

    Host of 'The Ancients' podcast, Tristan Hughes, answers the most searched Google questions about Ancient Greece.

  • Human Evolution with Tristan Hughes

    Human evolution can’t help but fascinate us - the story of where we came from. Today we, Homo sapiens, are the only human species left. But that wasn’t always the case….

    For millions of years, there thrived a great range of early human species. From small-brained island dwellers in Indonesia to ...

  • Britain's Darkest Hour

    The host of History Hit's 'Warfare' podcast James Rogers sits down with author and military historian John Buckley in the (IWM) Churchill War Rooms to discuss his new book: 'The Armchair General: Can You Defeat the Nazis?'

    Listen to the Warfare podcast here:

  • Homo Erectus: Why did the Most Successful Early Human Go Extinct?

    The Ancients host Tristan Hughes sits down with Professor John Mcnabb at the University of Southampton to discuss the extinct species of archaic human, Homo Erectus (aka the 'Upright Man') that existed about 2 million years ago.

    Were these ancient ancestors the first to make stone tools? Were th...