History Bites

History Bites

7 Episodes

Historians sample historical food and drink from across the world in this series from History Hit.

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History Bites
  • What Did the Tudors Eat at a Royal Banquet?

    Episode 1

    From banquets to pottage, what Tudors ate and drank varied greatly subject to their wealth and social status. Poor and wealthy alike lived off the land, using ingredients based on their availability and seasonality.

    For those Tudors who could afford it, there was nothing like a good banquet to s...

  • Could You Survive on British World War Two Rations?

    Episode 2

    In January 1940, the British government introduced food rationing. The scheme was designed to ensure fair shares for all at a time of national shortage. The Ministry of Food was responsible for overseeing rationing. Every man, woman and child was given a ration book with coupons. These were requi...

  • What Did the Roman Army Eat? Surviving on a Legionnaire's Diet

    Episode 3

    The Roman army was spread across the entire globe, fighting huge campaigns that would require an enormous amount of supplies. One of the most important supplies would be the surplus of food, which would need to be made to last a long time to feed soldiers fighting for days on end.

    Join Dan as h...

  • What Did Soldiers Eat in the Trenches of World War One?

    Episode 4

    Life in the trenches during World War One would have been extremely tough. Long periods of boredom were mixed with brief moments of terror. The threat of death kept soldiers on edge, while poor living conditions and a lack of sleep wore away their health and stamina.

    One element of trench life ...

  • What Did Working Class People Eat in the Victorian Era?

    Episode 5

    The Victorians were a peculiar bunch. Turns out, that could have something to do with what they ate. Though many of the dishes that landed on Victorian dinner tables may appear stomach-churning today, at the time they were commonly enjoyed or even regarded as delicacies.

    The Victorians’ penchant...

  • How Did Medieval Monks Survive On Such A Lacklustre Diet?

    Episode 6

    Food for monks in the middle ages consisted of what was grown within the monastery and what could be begged from nearby towns. Their main foodstuffs included vegetables such as turnips or salad, dark breads, porridges, an occasional fish, cheese curds, beer, ale, or mead. Fish was smoked and meat...

  • The Original Mexican Food: What Did the Aztecs Eat and Drink?

    Episode 7

    In this video, Dan Snow tries the various foods that were common within an Aztec banquet and delves into the civilisation's psychedelic history.