Hidden London

Hidden London

3 Episodes

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Hidden London
  • London's Hidden Medieval Metropolis

    Episode 1

    If you were asked to picture London during the Middle Ages, you might think of The White Tower, Westminster Abbey or Guildhall - some of the capital’s most famous landmarks. But scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find there are lots more clues to this medieval metropolis.

    In the second episo...

  • London's Oldest Medieval Crypts

    Episode 2

    If you imagine a Catholic military order from the Middle Ages, it’s likely to be the Knights Templar - popularised by Dan Brown’s fictional thriller, The Da Vinci Code

    But in Medieval Europe, there was another, equally powerful religious society, which also had its English headquarters here in L...

  • Exploring London's Abandoned Underground Railway

    Episode 3

    Join author and London tour guide Katie Wignall as she explores a huge network of abandoned underground tunnels beneath central London. Preserved by The Postal Museum, this historic subterranean railway carried letters across the capital from 1927 until its controversial closure in 2003.

    You ca...