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🎧 The Origins of Rome

🎧 The Ancients • 43m

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  • 🎧 The Sumerians

    Despite being one of the first civilisations in human history, Sumer is not as well-known as other Bronze Age societies such as Babylonia and, of course, Ancient Egypt.

    Recent research indicates that the first ever writing system emerged in the Sumerian heartland of southern Mesopotamia around 3...

  • 🎧 The Rise of Cleopatra

    Famed across the ages and around the world - everyone knows the name Cleopatra. But how did she become one of the most infamous women in history?
    Born in 69BCE, a member of the Ptolemaic dynasty in hellenistic Egypt, Cleopatra VII lived a tumultuous life. Within two turbulent decades of taking th...

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    In the final part of our Samnite Wars episodes, Tristan is once again joined by Dr Kathryn Lomas from Durham University to find out more about these conflicts and the effect they had on the rise of Rome as an ancient superpower. With three wars between the Roman Republic and the Samnite armies, b...