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🎧 The Rise of Rome: The Fall of the Samnites

🎧 The Ancients • 33m

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  • 🎧 Rise of Rome: The First Samnite War

    In this first episode of a two-parter on the Samnite Wars, we focus in on one of Rome’s greatest rivals in early Italy. Based in modern day Campania, who were the Samnites?

    With three wars between the Roman Republic and the Samnite armies, beginning in 343 BC and the ending with a Roman victor...

  • 🎧 Prehistoric Rock Art of Atlantic Eu...

    Dozens of incredible examples of prehistoric rock art have been found across western Europe in recent decades - but what do they mean?

    Artworks can be discovered all along the Atlantic seaboard, from Spain to Scotland, where one stunning example was uncovered just last year. Ancient peoples left...

  • 🎧 Sparta and the Nazis

    Ancient Sparta was co-opted by the Nazis as a supposed model civilisation for the Third Reich’s twisted racial and martial ideologies.

    German children were taught that the Spartans had originally been an β€˜Aryan’ tribe, and that they should aspire to Laconian ideals such as endurance, discipline ...