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Snow on the Road

Bristol: Birthplace of Methodism

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  • Bristol: Glenside Hospital Museum

    A few miles northeast of central Bristol is a site that for many years offered treatment or refuge for people with psychological issues. Originally called Bristol Lunatic Asylum, it has since been through many changes of name and purpose. Now the site is a university, but the 19th century hospita...

  • Bristol: Underfall Yard

    This was our first city road trip for Snow on the Road - 3 days in Bristol visiting its most interesting historical sites. What's so wonderful about Bristol is how its history is interwoven into the fabric of the city. World treasures like the SS Great Britain and Underfall Yard are visible all a...

  • A Tour of St Mary's House in Bramber

    The town of Bramber in West Sussex is rich in history. As the sea used to come in right by the town, it was long-used as a crossing point for those seeking to sail over to the European continent. Bramber’s coastal location also made it a sound strategic settlement, something which was not lost on...