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🎧 What is a Fascist?

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  • 🎧 Concrete

    Concrete is the second most used material on earth after only water. There are more than half a trillion tons of it weighing down the earth. Which is a problem. Where did concrete come from? And why are we so addicted to it?

    To get into the nitty gritty with Dallas is Barnabas Calder who is Head...

  • 🎧 Medieval Women: Beauty, Work & Pubi...

    How would a medieval woman achieve a Brazilian bikini line? Why can’t you trust a nun in the night time? And what were women doing at Medieval universities?

    Kate is joined for the THIRD time by Eleanor Janega to talk about how women were expected to be in the medieval era, and how they actually...

  • 🎧 Satire & Scandal in Georgian England

    Can we trace the 'British sense of humour' back to the Georgian period? It was an age of royal madness, political intrigue, the birth of modern celebrity, the French revolution, American independence and the Napoleonic Wars so the satirists of Georgian Britain had plenty to work with. In the late...