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🎧 Vikings in The Frankish Kingdom

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    Joan of Arc is a name that’s instantly recognisable to most. A controversial figure in her own day, she has remained so ever since, often being adopted as a talisman of French nationalism.

    But how much do we really know—or understand—about the young woman who ignited France’s fightback against ...

  • 🎧 English Steel: A Knight's Armour

    Knights in their armour is one of the most enduring images of the Middle Ages, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind and a role that many of us would have played at as children.

    Yet surprisingly, there are no surviving examples of English armour from this period that we know of in the world...

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    Since late 2013, Ukraine has been in crisis. But the problems there go much further back. To examine the history of the conflict in Ukraine, we welcome one of our first guests, Professor Chris Bellamy, back to the podcast. Chris takes us right back to the late 18th century to look at the sources ...