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Watch this video and more on History Hit

🎧 The Walls That Made Wales

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    Queen Mary I has had a bad press over the centuries, her five-years on the throne overshadowed by her half-sister Elizabeth's 45-year reign. While Elizabeth I is often hailed as "Gloriana" - and one of the greatest ever Britons - "Bloody Mary" more often finds her way onto charts of the most evil...

  • 🎧 What is a Tithe Barn?

    Taxes are now an established aspect of our lives, but scattered across Britain’s countryside are reminders of their earliest days, when farmers were obliged to offer 10 percent of their produce to the church: these are tithe barns. In this episode, Joseph Rogers explains how we can spot a tithe b...

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    Often found high on the list of Rome’s worst emperors, the short reign of the teenager Elegabalus in the early 3rd century AD is filled with controversy. But it was also a time when several remarkable women came to the fore in the Roman Empire, playing central roles in both the rise and fall of t...

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