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🎧 The Battle of Amiens 100

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    The success of the Apollo Missions relied on hugely imaginative engineering. There is perhaps no better example of this than the first off-planet electric car, The Lunar Rover.

    Today on the show we ask: Why did we send a car to the moon? How did we design something for an environment we knew not...

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    In Early Modern Europe, Queens did not come fully formed. Rather, a series of rites, rituals and ceremonies transformed a hesitant bride into a fully fledged monarch. And beneath all of these contracts and customs were real live women, their emotions running high as they left behind their birth f...

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    Russia has been accused of using food as a weapon of war in Ukraine, pushing up to 49 million people into famine.

    Further afield, Putin's war has affected food supply and prices around the world - as the 'breadbasket' region is vitally important to global grain production in particular.

    Sadly t...