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🎧 5. Story of England: Modern Warfare

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  • 🎧 Battle of Aden

    In March 2015, a ten-nation coalition of Gulf states launched an attack against Houthi insurgents in Aden. With Iran seeking to dominate the Southern Arabian Peninsula and take control of the Suez Canal, Aden became a key logistical city and suddenly found itself thrust into the limelight. With W...

  • 🎧 The Giggling Granny serial killer

    Picture a serial killer in your mind’s eye. What do you see? More often than not it will be a man.

    Statistically that’s accurate, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Whilst it’s perhaps not the most worthy feminist cause to jump behind, the issue of gendered narratives is a fascinating one - an...

  • 🎧 The Cyrus Cylinder

    An ancient clay artefact that dates back to the 6th century BCE, the Cyrus Cylinder is often considered one of the most important documents in history. Covered in Akkadian inscriptions that provide invaluable insight into the reign of Cyrus the Great - it focuses on Cyrus's conquering of Babylon ...