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Watch this video and more on History Hit

🎧 SAS Founder: Warrior or Phoney?

Archive of Dan Snow's History Hit 🎧 • 29m

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  • 🎧 The Wars of the Roses: The Rise of ...

    As part of our Wars of the Roses special month, there’s one family that demands more attention than they usually get: The Beauforts’.

    The influence of the Beauforts’ in the Wars of the Roses can still be felt today, as Margaret Beaufort, the eventual heiress, gave birth to Henry VII, the first ...

  • 🎧 Greeks vs Romans: Empires at War

    Greece and Rome, they are the heavyweights of ancient history. But what happened when they came face to face with one another? Tristan is once again joined by Simon Elliott to talk about some of the great clashes that occurred between the Greeks and the Romans. From Cynoscephalae, to Magnesia, to...

  • 🎧 History of the Countryside

    The English Countryside. An ever changing environment, or a static, preserved landscape in the service of humanity since the dawn of agriculture?

    On the latest episode we’ll find out about the historical challenges of conserving and preserving the natural environment.

    This week Jimmy is joined ...