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Watch this video and more on History Hit

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  • 🎧 LSD

    How did LSD go from accidental discovery to the counter cultures go to drug?

    On April 19th 1943 Albert Hoffman had the first ever LSD trip in Basel, Switzerland. He was testing a substance of his own making, that he had initially developed 5 years previously and been thinking about ever since......

  • 🎧 Declaring The War On Drugs

    As the Cold War came to an end, US President George H.W. Bush defined his 1992 election bid in terms of the War on Drugs. It was said that there was no longer a Soviet foe to grapple with and that, instead, illegal narcotics now posed an existential threat to the American people.

    Yet as it turns...

  • 🎧 Tudor Sex

    *WARNING: This episode includes adult themes and explicit words.*

    Why did Henry VIII want everyone to know about his wet dreams? What animal product were condoms made from? And was coffee really ruining the sex lives of wives?

    Suzannah Lipscomb from our sister podcast, Not Just the Tudors, join...

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