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  • 🎧 Fighting With Pride: Lifting the Ar...

    By law, gay men and women were banned from serving in the British military until the year 2000. Until then, over 250 service personnel were thrown out of the military each year because of their sexuality alone.

    In this episode, James is joined by Ed Hall, who was sacked by the Royal Navy for bei...

  • 🎧 Crisis in Ukraine: Putin & NATO

    Ukraine has been invaded by Russia. But why? What is NATO’s purpose, and why does it bother Vladimir Putin so much?

    In this episode of Warfare, we’re joined by Jamie Shea, the Former Deputy Assistant Secretary-General at NATO, who’s sat across the table from the Russian President himself.


  • 🎧 Ukraine and Russia: A Quick History

    Russia has launched an invasion of Ukraine. As European leaders gather and Ukraine makes preparations to defend itself, the world watches. In light of this escalating situation host of the Gone Medieval podcast, Matt Lewis steps in for Dan and runs through a brief but complex history of the relat...