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Watch this video and more on History Hit

🎧 Martin Luther King Jr

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    Nan Madol. It is one of the most awesome, enigmatic and unique ancient sites in the World, and yet most people have never heard the name. Labelled the β€˜Venice of the Pacific’ by US aviators during the Second World War, this ancient Micronesian metropolis is not your usual city. Situated offshore,...

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    In Britain, you’re never too far from a castle. These landmark structures are key to the history of the country, the rise and fall of great powers being marked upon their walls. In this episode, Dan Spencer takes a closer look at the use of castles in the Wars of the Roses both as defensive garri...

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    With the release of the nuclear submarine TV series, Vigil, Dr Nick Ritchie, Senior Lecturer at the University of York and the UK’s leading expert on Trident, joins James on Warfare. Nick gives us a step-by-step history on the multilayered missile system, which is said to act as deterrence. Earli...