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Watch this video and more on History Hit

🎧 Hera: Queen of the Gods

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  • 🎧 Pre-historic Women

    For years we've understood that in the prehistoric hunter-gather world, the men did the hunting and the women did the gathering. Prehistoric man went on adventures, invented, created and drew, whereas prehistoric women stayed home, educated children and carried out domestic chores. Well, research...

  • 🎧 Chickens

    Why did the chicken cross the road? What came first, the chicken or the egg? Who invented the chicken anyway?

    We answer at least one of these questions on today’s show.

    We follow the chicken from the time of the dinosaurs (the chicken is the closest living relative to T-Rex) until today’s genet...

  • 🎧 Banned History

    How much did Britain and its allies know about the Holocaust? Could the Bengal Famine of 1943 have been helped? And was Elizabeth I really the Virgin Queen?

    Lynsey Calver is a history teacher, and in this episode, she helps us to fill in some of the gaps on the history curriculum.

    *WARNING The...