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Watch this video and more on History Hit

Watch this video and more on History Hit

🎧 German U-boat Found off the Coast of Scotland with Innes Mccartney

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    2,000 years ago, the heroic general Germanicus Caesar died at Epidaphnae just outside Antioch on the Orontes. Roman historian Lindsay Powell unravels the mystery surrounding the demise of Ancient Rome’s most popular son and explains why he was such a remarkable figure.

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    No man knew Adolf Hitler as intimately as his trusted physician, Theodoor Morell. As part of Hitler's inner social circle, he assisted the leader in virtually everything for the entire war years. His unconventional treatments were famed in Germany, and Hitler so trusted the 'miracle' prescription...

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    Fought in the second half of 1942, the Battles of El Alamein were a series of climactic confrontations in Egypt between British Imperial and Commonwealth forces, and a combined German and Italian army. Intended as a last-ditch attempts by the British to halt German gains in North Africa, they res...