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  • 🎧 Geordies: A History

    Northumbrian patriot' Dan Jackson, who has just written a book on the history of Northeast England and its people, comes on the podcast to talk about Northumbria's prestigious past.

  • 🎧 Who were the Africans in Medieval B...

    Earlier this month, it was reported that DNA analysis of the skeleton of a 10-year-old girl buried in Kent in the 7th century showed she was of West African descent. Thirty-three per cent of her DNA suggests that the girl’s grandfather or great-grandfather was probably from the Esan or Yoruba peo...

  • 🎧 Origins of Modern Iran

    As protests continued across Iran last week, a number of Iranian-made kamikaze drones were fired by Russian forces at targets thousands of miles away in Kyiv, Ukraine.

    It marks the first time that these Iranian weapons have been used against a European capital, as well as a new low for relations...