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  • 🎧 Vikings in Britain: New Evidence

    Archeological evidence of the Vikings as far north as Northumbria has practically been non-existent. On Gone Medieval in May 2021, Dr. Cat Jarman reported on a brand-new Viking site in Northumberland, 15 years after metal detectorists started carefully documenting their finds in the area.

    In th...

  • 🎧 From Aethelred to Blitz: The Histor...

    Antony Robbins, Communications director Museum of London.

  • 🎧 Nuclear Fusion Power

    For almost a century we’ve been trying to build a star on earth. Not easy with temperatures reaching 150,000,000℃.

    Today on Patented it’s the story of our efforts to make a nuclear fusion reactor with Arthur Turrell author of The Star Builders: Nuclear Fusion and the Race to Power the Planet.