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Watch this video and more on History Hit

🎧 England & France: Two Houses, Two Kingdoms

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  • 🎧 Beer

    Pint, bottle, schooner, tinny … no matter how you drink it, beer is undeniably a part of social life here in Britain and around the world.

    But how did it come to hold this position? Why has this been more true for British men than for British women? And what did beer taste like before mass produ...

  • 🎧 Anglo-Saxons at Prayer: Brixworth C...

    All Saints’ Church in the village of Brixworth, Northamptonshire is one of the oldest, largest and most complete Anglo-Saxon churches in England. Founded in the eighth century, it has been described as β€œthe finest Romanesque church north of the Alps.”

    In this episode of Gone Medieval, Dr. Cat Ja...

  • 🎧 The First Americans

    Modern humans thrived in the Americas for thousands of years before the first European colonists arrived, but how and when did they get there?

    What's more, did their arrival spell disaster for indigenous megafauna such as giant ground sloths and wooly mammoths, or was there another culprit behin...

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