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🎧 Cluster Bombs with James Rogers

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  • 🎧 Coffee

    Coffee. Most of us are addicted. We need it on Monday mornings, post nights out, during nights out, in fact every morning. And afternoons. Augustine Sedgewick teaches history at the City University of New York. He has a new book out on how coffee reshaped the world as it became one of the most va...

  • 🎧 The Crown: A Short History of Briti...

    For at least 1,500 years, since the mists swirling around the Dark Ages began to clear, the British Isles have had monarchical rulers. For hundreds of years, they were the central figures of the nation: the focus of its politics and society, consecrated by God, endorsed (or not) by the nobility, ...

  • 🎧 Colonel Waddy's World War Two

    Dan talks to Colonel Waddy about his part in World War Two in the first of two podcasts on the Colonel.