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Watch this video and more on History Hit

🎧 British Women in India with Katie Hickman

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  • 🎧 Burma's Lost Royal Family

    In this special podcast, Dan talks to Alex Bescoby, a filmmaker and historian of Burma, about his documentary following Burma’s lost royal family - We Were Kings. Alex is currently crowdfunding his latest documentary about veterans from Burma who fought for Britain in the Second World War - Forgo...

  • 🎧 Mussolini's Rise & Fall

    Exactly a century after the 1922 March on Rome which brought fascist dictator Benito Mussolini to power, the far-right party Brothers of Italy have been voted into government.

    Fratelli d'Italia (FDL), which has its roots in Italy’s post-war Neo-fascist social movement, is lead by prime minister ...

  • 🎧 Huygens: Europe’s Greatest Scientist

    Christiaan Huygens was the greatest scientist working in the vital period between Galileo and Newton, as the scientific revolution gathered pace. He discovered Saturn’s ring, invented the accurate pendulum clock, and devised a wave theory of light far ahead of its time.

    In this edition of Not Ju...