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🎧 Alexandria: The Sunken City

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  • 🎧 Liberation of Dachau

    A warning that this episode contains descriptions of genocide and terms for groups which were classified that way at the time.

    In April 1945, the 42nd Rainbow division liberated Dachau Concentration Camp. Having opened it's doors in 1933, it was the first, and longest running, Nazi concentration...

  • 🎧 Medieval Origins of Coronations

    A coronation is a moment of history packed with symbolism and meaning, and throughout April 2023 Gone Medieval will be your perfect historical companion to the coronation of King Charles III.

    In the first of four special episodes, Matt Lewis traces certain elements of the coronation ceremony bac...

  • 🎧 Zelenskyy: TV Comedian to War Presi...

    Volodymyr Zelenskyy's meteoric rise to power has been packed with drama and action. His journey has taken him from a Russian-speaking, aspiring diplomat to a TV comedian and finally, one of the most recognisable politicians on the planet. Having once been firmly rooted in Russian culture, he is n...