History Through Statues

3 Episodes

  • History Through Statues: The American Civil War

    Episode 1

    In the final instalment of a three-part series of US history through East Anglian statues, Steven Bishop will begin where he last left off in 1815 after US success against the British in the War of 1812, and will explore the events and developments that led to the fateful American Civil War. Ulti...

  • History Through Statues: The Early American Republic and the War of 1812

    Episode 2

    In the second talk of a three part series, Steven Bishop will pick up where we left off last time at the Declaration of Independence to examine the first decades of the newly formed United States. How did George Washington rise to become the first President and a national hero? How were the Bill ...

  • History Through Statues: Thomas Paine and Colonial American History

    Episode 3

    Steven Bishop tells us how the first thirteen states of America formed, and how East Anglia had a role to play in their creation.