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Who is Romania?

Who is Romania?

5 Episodes

"Who Is Romania", a unique miniseries about outstanding Romanian personalities. Presented by Dr Tessa Dunlop.

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Who is Romania?
  • Stephen the Great

    Episode 1

    The medieval warrior who took the fight to the Ottomans and showed off about it big time. Stephen the Great and Romania’s exquisite painted monasteries with Dr Tessa Dunlop.

  • Queen Marie

    Episode 2

    The British-born princess who led her adopted country through the Great War. Episode 2 of Who Is Romania with Dr Tessa Dunlop celebrates 145 years since the birth of Queen Marie, Queen Victoria’s most ambitious granddaughter. Find out how this outstanding monarch branded the image of the iconic n...

  • George Enescu

    Episode 3

    Dr Tessa Dunlop talks about legendary composer George Enescu, a man considered by some the greatest music phenomenon since Mozart. Enescu impressed not one, but two queens, with his music and his life story reads like a novel with picturesque villages, prodigy talent and passionate love affairs.

  • Nicolae Grigorescu

    Episode 4

    The independent state of Romania emerged in the late 19th century - and with impeccable timing so too did the country’s finest painter. A genius on canvas and a canny political operator, Nicolae Grigorescu was the man who gave impressionism and realism their very own Romanian twist.

  • Constantin Brancusi

    Episode 5

    Constantin Brancusi knew how to put the struggle into art. He walked across Europe to make his mark, and boy was it worth it. Born in Hobita, in a small Romanian village, the father of modern sculpture lives on in America, Britain, France and Romania. We celebrate his life in this episode of #Who...