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Battle for the Mediterranean: Master of The Mediterranean

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  • Ireland: War and Revolution

    Between 1919 and 1921, Ireland played host to a long and bloody guerrilla conflict between British state forces and Irish republican guerrillas, in the form of Irish Volunteers or the Irish Republican Army (IRA). The conflict would completely transform the political landscape in Ireland.

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  • Battle for the Mediterranean: Empire ...

    Julian Davidson highlights how the Ottomans became the dominant force in the Eastern Mediterranean in the 15th and 16th centuries. In this first episode he tells the story of the Fall of Constantinople and the Ottoman conquest of Rhodes.

  • Boudica: Death to Rome

    In 60/61 AD turmoil seized southern Britain. A massive anti-Roman revolt reared its ugly head in East Anglia, as tens of thousands of Britons attempted to evict the recently-arrived Romans from the island by the spear. At its head was one of the most famous figures in the whole of British history...