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Watch this video and more on History Hit

Re-Run: History of Sex for Sale

🎧 Betwixt the Sheets • 33m

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  • 🎧 How Fear Shaped History

    What scares you? Some of humankind’s most common fears and phobias include fear of heights, flying, spiders, snakes, injections, germs, public speaking and….death.

    When you think about it…fear, and the panic it produces ,has long been driving forces — perhaps the driving force — of world history...

  • 🎧 Gay Identity in Nazi Germany

    Berlin in the early 1930s was a place of incredible liberation for its queer community. 

    There were over 100 gay clubs, and Magnus Hirschfeld’s Institute for Sexual Science - the first sexology research centre in the world - developed pioneering gender assignment surgery. 

    Sadly, with the Nazis...

  • 🎧 Superstitions: Witch Marks, Touchin...

    Many of them pre-date modern religions and defy what science tells us about the world - from saluting magpies, to wearing lucky pants. Yet why do superstitions still have such a strong hold on our lives?

    Today we’re joined by Sally Coulthard, author of Superstition - the History of Common Folk B...