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🎧 Origins of Olive Oil

🎧 The Ancients • 42m

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  • 🎧 Pompeii: The Eruption of Vesuvius

    This episode contains references to scenes that some listeners may find distressing

    In 79 AD, ancient armageddon hit Pompeii: Mount Vesuvius erupted, freezing in time a town and its inhabitants.

    Nearly 2000 years on, Pompeii's story continues. In the last episode of our special mini series, we'...

  • 🎧 Homo Floresiensis: Early Human ‘Hob...

    An extinct species of archaic human, Homo floresiensis has been discovered solely in one, very specific location - the Indonesian island of Flores. Nicknamed 'the hobbit' due to its diminutive stature (and discovery coinciding with a certain film franchise), this hominid is something of an enigma...

  • 🎧 Sex Work in Pompeii with Kate Lister

    This episode contains some strong language references to sexual content.

    Pompeii is shrouded in myths and legends about it's vibrant, after hours, night life. With theories of carved stone penis' pointing towards brothels, frescoes of graphic images, and bawdy graffiti immortalising individual's...

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