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Watch this video and more on History Hit

Up Next in 🎧 Patented: History of Inventions

  • 🎧 Aliens

    Who invented aliens? We did. Each age invents its own. When we invented robots, aliens became robotic beings. In the Cold War, intergalactic peacemakers appear. Aliens came to abduct us in a decade when the news was full of kidnappings.

    In this episode Dallas discovers when we first started to t...

  • 🎧 Roller Coasters

    The world’s first Loop-the-Loop roller coaster gave so many people whiplash that they kept a medical team on the payroll.

    Find out where roller coasters began; why your hands sweat when you’re on them; and how long it takes the human brain to realise that it’s fallen to its death (perhaps).


  • 🎧 Frozen Food

    The Frozen Food industry was invented by the Birdseye company. And that company was started by a living breathing Birdseye; Clarence Birdseye.

    Clarence Birdseye was a small, bespectacled New Yorker who lived a life somewhere between Buffalo Bill and Thomas Edison.

    He came up with the idea for f...