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Watch this video and more on History Hit

Up Next in 🎧 Patented: History of Inventions

  • 🎧 Snakes and Ladders

    It turns out that all those times you played Snakes and Ladders (Chutes and Ladders) as a child you were playing a game that once symbolised the whole universe and our place in it. Instead of crying when you landed on a snake you should really have been reflecting upon the nature of reality.


  • 🎧 Farming

    Exactly when, where, how, why our ancient ancestors ‘invented’ farming is one of the great questions of archaeology.

    Surely if we can answer it we will understand something profound about humanity and the journey we are on.

    But like all good invention stories, this one isn’t straightforward.


  • 🎧 Spam

    Spam Spam Spam, glorious Spam! Who invented Spam Emails? Just how much Spam activity is there online? And how will we survive once Spam AI gets going?

    Spam has been the nemesis of the internet since its earliest days. And soon AI-powered spambots will force us to radically change our online beha...