Untold - Weapons of War

Untold - Weapons of War

2 Seasons

This series looks into some of the untold military histories of the 20th century, featuring Historian Dr James Rogers and history teacher Jack Pettitt.

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Untold - Weapons of War
  • Joseph Kennedy Jr

    Episode 1

    On 12 August 1944 Joseph Kennedy Jr. - older brother of the famous John Kennedy - flew a liberator drone high up into the Norfolk skies as part of Operation Anvil. Their objective was to guide the aircraft towards a secret German V3 site at Mimoyecques in France. But things did not go according t...

  • The Butterfly Bombing of Grimsby

    Episode 2

    When you think about the bombing of the UK during the Second World War, many initially think of the Blitz and the use of horrific terror weapons such as the V1 and V2 rockets. Yet in the north too, towns and cities suffered from similarly-terrifying air-raids. One such city was Grimsby, situated ...

  • Prisoners of War

    Episode 3

    Dr James Rogers visits Camp 83 - Eden Camp - in Yorkshire to discover the untold story of prisoners of war in the UK during the Second World War.

  • The Devil's Porridge

    Episode 4

    Dr James Rogers visits the Devil's Porridge Museum to find out more about H.M. Factory, Gretna - the United Kingdom's largest cordite factory during World War One. He discovers the untold story of the young 'Gretna girls' that worked in the Factory and the dangerous task they faced creating the p...