The Road to D-Day

The Road to D-Day

6 Episodes

Series, produced in the 1990s, about the run up to D-Day. Featuring some remarkable interviews from those who were there.

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The Road to D-Day
  • The Road to D-Day: Love and War

    Episode 1

    This episode covers the many wartime romances that were sparked by the arrival of US troops in the UK.

  • The Road to D-Day: Through the Eyes of a Child

    Episode 2

    This episode looks at the evacuation of over one million children in Britain during World War Two.

  • The Road to D-Day: Great Panjandrums

    Episode 3

    This episode covers the Allied innovation and preparation for D-Day, including the development of the 'Great Panjandrum', a massive, rocket-propelled, explosive-laden cart.

  • The Road to D-Day: Practice Run

    Episode 4

    Planning and preparation for D-Day was incredibly meticulous and in some cases, fateful. From the failed amphibious landing at Dieppe in 1942, to the tragic deaths of 946 American servicemen who perished during Exercise Tiger, this episode looks at the extreme lengths the Allies went to in order ...

  • The Road to D-Day: The Great Deception

    Episode 5

    From inflatable decoy tanks to dummy landing craft, this episode covers the various techniques and plans that Allied Intelligence devised in order to decieve German reconnaissance in the immediate run up to D-Day.

  • The Road to D-Day: On the Beaches

    Episode 6

    The final episode of this series covers the D-Day landings on 6 June 1944, lead by eye-witness testimony.