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The Ninth: Mystery of the Lost Legion

The Ninth: Mystery of the Lost Legion

2 Episodes

It is one of the great mysteries of ancient Mediterranean history. In the 2nd century AD, Rome’s 9th Legion – Legio IX Hispana – vanished from the historical record. Immortalised through Rosemary Sutcliff’s famous novel The Eagle of the Ninth, the question of what happened to this ‘Lost Legion’ has continued to captivate imaginations down to the present day. This series looks into what we do know about the Ninth Legion and its mysterious disappearance, which continues to divide scholarly opinion. Presented by Tristan Hughes.

The Ninth: Mystery of the Lost Legion
  • The Ninth Legion: The History

    Episode 1

    In this first episode, Tristan Hughes tracks the history of the Ninth Legion across the British Isles. From its arrival in Britain during the Claudian Invasion to a dice with death in the Scottish midlands and the last time it is mentioned in history. Featuring Dr Miles Russell, Dr Rebecca Jones,...

  • The Ninth Legion: The Mystery

    Episode 2

    In the second and final episode of this series, Tristan Hughes explores the numerous theories regarding the eventual fate of the Ninth Legion. Was it lost on the northern frontier of Britain, by the Rhine, or massacred in the East? Featuring Dr Miles Russell, Dr Rebecca Jones, Dr Simon Elliott, L...