The Mortimer History Society

The Mortimer History Society

3 Episodes

A selection of talks from expert professors about the Mortimers, a powerful Magnate family during the 14th and 15th centuries.

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The Mortimer History Society
  • Don't Mention the Mortimers

    Episode 1

    Professor Chris Given Wilson provides a fascinating lecture about the Mortimer Family in the late 14th and early 15th centuries, a time when the Mortimers suffered a succession of early deaths and had to rely on others to maintain the validity of their claim to the English Throne. Recorded at the...

  • Richard Duke of York: Marcher Lord

    Episode 2

    Matthew Lewis, an author and historian who specialises in the 15th century, provides a fascinating talk about Richard Duke of York as a Marcher Lord. He explains this powerful noble's close relationship with the Mortimer family and how this further emboldened him to strive for the English Throne.

  • Disputed Isle: The Mortimers in Ireland

    Episode 3

    The English invasion of Ireland in 1169 was in many ways an extension of Welsh marcher politics. Barons who had enjoyed the wholehearted support of the English king in their conflicts with the Welsh were constrained from 1166 by a royal policy based on compromise rather than conquest. A new adven...