The Making of Wellington

The Making of Wellington

2 Episodes

Mike Loades explores Wellington's surprising ascension during the Napoleonic Wars - by tracing his impact in Portugal and immersing himself in the locations that still bear the evidence of efforts to repel Naopleon's invasion.

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The Making of Wellington
  • The Making of Wellington: The Battle of Vimeiro

    Episode 1

    On 21st of August 1808, the 39-year-old Sir Arthur Wellesley (later to become the Duke of Wellington) stood at the head of an Anglo-Portuguese army numbering approximately 14,000.

    His army was positioned on the blind side of a slope, awaiting the advance of a French Army under General Jean-Ando...

  • The Making of Wellington: The Lines of Torres Vedras

    Episode 2

    In this film, military historian Mike Loades investigates one of the most impressive and successful creations of the Napoleonic Wars: The Lines of Torres Vedras. Mike explores the spectacular lines of forts that ran from coast to coast across the neck of the Lisbon Peninsular, defending the Portu...