The Ascent of Civilisation

The Ascent of Civilisation

3 Episodes

The road to modern society as we know it has been paved with the successes and failures of past generations and ancient societies. In six one-hour films, "The Ascent of Civilisation" takes a fresh quizzical look at trailblazer cultures of the past, from the ancient Greeks, Romans, Vikings, Carthaginians and Germanic tribes all the way to the Arab nations. The series tries to unearth what drove their societies, how ordinary people lived and laid the foundations for modern life. It seeks to clear up myths and clichés, while giving tongue-in-cheek accounts of life in ancient times and dissecting the impact of pioneering changes on ordinary people.

Gripping re-enactments, expert-interviews and entertaining comic-strips combine with stylish graphics to create an entertaining and frank guide to some of the most influential peoples in history.

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The Ascent of Civilisation
  • How the Greeks Changed the World

    Episode 1

    The Ascent of Europe - How the Greeks Changed the World

    Ancient Greece - the cradle of modern Europe. Around 3000 years ago, the cultural foundations of western civilisation were laid right here, on the shores of the Mediterranean. It's the birthplace of democracy, where great thinkers forged th...

  • How the Romans Changed the World

    Episode 2

    "The Ascent of Europe - How the Romans Changed the World

    The Romans created one of the greatest empires in history, built with the help of an incredible army of professional legionnaires and a well-oiled political machinery. At its height, a few hundred men ruled over a fifth of mankind and an a...

  • How the Vikings Changed the World

    Episode 3

    "The Ascent of Europe - How the Vikings Changed the World

    A nation of seafarers and merchants, the Vikings revolutionised exploration and trading in the Middle Ages and discovered America 500 years before Columbus. This gripping film unveils their bad reputation as wild, murdering and pillaging ...