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Watch this video and more on History Hit

🎧 Food in the Greco-Roman World

🎧 The Ancients • 35m

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    When someone says the Terracotta Army, you’d be forgiven for instantly thinking of rows upon rows of life size warriors, arranged in three pits as part of the Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s huge mausoleum complex. But what’s arguably an even more fascinating aspect of these Warriors are the wide arrange...

  • 🎧 Mary Magdalene

    Who was Mary Magdalene? Jesus' confidant, a devout follower, or a sex worker?

    In this Easter special, Tristan is joined by Helen Bond and Joan Taylor, authors of 'Women Remembered' to explore Mary Magdalene and her role in the bible. Through looking at both ancient and contemporary source mater...

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    Gaius Marius (157 BC – 86 BC) was one of the first warlords of the late Roman Republic, a general and statesman who held the office of consul an unprecedented seven times during his life.

    Famed for his momentous reforms to the Roman armies - such as instituting professional soldiery and improvi...