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Watch this video and more on History Hit

🎧 Philip and Alexander: King's and Conquerors


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  • 🎧 The Other Alexander

    Alexander, an Ancient Greek king and a victorious conqueror. No, not that one, not Alexander the Great. This time, we’re talking about his uncle, Alexander I of Molossia. In 334 BC, when Alexander the Great advanced east to conquer the Persian Empire, Alexander of Molossia was travelling west acr...

  • 🎧 Terror in the Teutoburg Forest

    Its been used for nationalist propaganda across the ages and its just been dramatised for Netflix, but what do we actually know about the Battle of Teutoburg Forest? For a start, where was it? Dr Joanne Ball, from the University of Liverpool is a battlefield archaeologist. In this episode she tak...

  • 🎧 Volcanic Vineyards of Pompeii

    An ancient town, buried and preserved beneath volcanic ash, Pompeii is of course a gift to archaeologists and historians seeking to find out more about the lives of the civilians in a regular Roman town. Beyond the well recognised plaster casts of the bodies of people and animals alike, and the s...