Rebellion in the North

Rebellion in the North

3 Episodes

Since the Roman occupation, England has mostly been dominated by a power-base ruling from the South of the country, principally centred on the great City of London. Yet the northern regions of England, remote and culturally disinct from the South, were, for much of recorded history, staunchly independent, wildly restless and prone to rebellion. Unhappy with regal rule from a distant southern capital, northerners did on more than a handful of occassions, rise up in a series of bloody attempts to challenge or replace their kings or queens in the South.

This series, presented by Daniel Gray, takes a detailed look at the Great Northern Rebellions throughout the medieval and early modern period. Featuring historians Dr Claire Kennan, Sophie Ambler, Prof David Bates, Prof Julia Barrow, Prof Bill Sheils, Julian Humphrys and Gillian Waters.

Rebellion in the North
  • Rebellion in the North: The Harrying of the North

    In the winter of 1069–70, William the Conqueror waged a series of military campaigns to subjugate northern England, where the presence of the last Wessex claimant, Edgar Atheling, had encouraged Anglo-Danish rebellions.

    In Part 1 of this three part series, Daniel Gray explores the context behind...

  • Rebellion in the North: The Pilgrimage of Grace

    Episode 2

    Under the leadership of Robert Aske, a mass popular revolt began in Yorkshire in October 1536, spreading to other parts of Northern England including Cumberland, Northumberland, and north Lancashire.

    The Pilgrimage of Grace was the worst uprising of Henry VIII's reign. It was a direct result of...

  • Rebellion in the North: The Rising of the North

    Episode 3

    The Rising of the North of 1569, also called the 'Revolt of the Northern Earls or Northern Rebellion', was an unsuccessful attempt by Catholic nobles from Northern England to depose Queen Elizabeth I of England and replace her with Mary, Queen of Scots.

    In the final episode of this three part se...