Private Snafu

Private Snafu

5 Episodes

Private Snafu is a series of instructional films created for the United States Army during World War Two. The character was devised by Frank Capra and the films were produced by Warner Brothers. The films conveyed important lessons for newly enlisted American soldiers in a simple and humorous way. The films were not intended for public distribution and did not have to comply with the Theatre Code. As a result, some contain rather racy humour!

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Private Snafu
  • Coming!!

    Episode 1

    In the first episode of the Snafu series, we are introduced to our main character, Private Snafu, "the goofiest soldier in the US army".

  • Spies

    Episode 2

    Can Private Snafu keep a secret? Or will he let slip that his ship is leaving for Africa at 4:30... Oh cripes!

  • Fighting Tools

    Episode 3

    Lazy Private Snafu is part of the best equipped army in the war. Unfortunately he has failed to keep up maintenance of his rifle.

  • Booby Traps

    Episode 4

    Private Snafu almost falls foul of a variety of booby traps during a patrol in the desert. This episode contains some saucy humour folks!

  • Private Snafu vs Malaria

    Episode 5

    Private Snafu learns the hard way what happens when you don't protect yourself against malaria.