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Watch this video and more on History Hit

🎧 Fish & Chips: The Unexpected Origins of Britain's Favourite Dish

🎧 Patented: History of Inventions • 29m

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  • 🎧 Black Box: Indestructible Recorder

    They can survive in lava for half an hour and accelerations of 3,400 Gs. Their beacons can be detected 20,000 feet beneath the waves. Most shocking of all - they aren't actually black! (They're bright orange = the least common colour in nature.)

    Today it's the invention of the iconic Black Box (...

  • 🎧 Rise and Fall of Cinema

    What was the first cinema? When were the heydays of cinema-going and where are we now? How has the experience of going to the cinema changed?

    Today’s show is about the rise and fall of cinema. Or should that be the rise and fall and rise again of the cinema.

    Dallas's guest is Trevor Griffiths, ...

  • 🎧 Dogs

    How do we go from wolves to modern dogs? And where do Killer Beavers fit into the story?

    Humans domesticated wolves long before any other animal (or even any plants). Yet what exactly happened is shrouded in mystery.

    We cover ancient origins, the explosion of breeds in the Victorian era, and so...