Modern History

Modern History

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Jason Kingsley OBE has been fascinated by history his whole life, in particular the medieval period and the life of knights. But how much of what we see and hear on TV and in film is accurate? In this series Jason sets out to reveal the reality behind the myths. From weapons and warfare, to religion, politics and chivalry we will learn what it really means to be a knight.

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Modern History
  • A Humble Meal

    Episode 1

    Jason begins a journey through the social strata of the medieval age by taking a look at the kinds of food the knight might have experienced in his travels. He's joined by food historian Chris Carr, who first demonstrates some of the dishes the knight might have eaten when staying at a humble roa...

  • A Farmhouse Feast

    Episode 2

    Stopping off at the farmhouse of one of his yeomen, the knight would experience more personal treatment and finer fare than at a poor roadside inn. Food historian Chris Carr takes Jason through the making of hot beans, bacon and leeks, pork in sage sauce and lamb pie, explaining how medieval pies...

  • Knightly Nutrition

    Episode 3

    It can be hard to stick to a diet in modern times when eating out. It was much the same for a medieval knight, so when he was dining in his own household his personal physician would work with his cook to keep their master in peak condition. In this episode, Jason and food historian Chris Carr di...

  • Dining with Nobility

    Episode 4

    A knight would often be expected to attend at a feast given by those of even higher standing than himself, perhaps a high ranking bishop or even the King. Food historian Chris Carr demonstrates the type of food the very wealthiest might bring out to entertain their noble guests. Jason draws some ...