Modern History

Modern History

5 Seasons

Jason Kingsley OBE has been fascinated by history his whole life, in particular the medieval period and the life of knights. But how much of what we see and hear on TV and in film is accurate? In this series Jason sets out to reveal the reality behind the myths. From weapons and warfare, to religion, politics and chivalry we will learn what it really means to be a knight.

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Modern History
  • A Defining Symbol

    Episode 1

    An introduction to our next few episodes, all about shields. Jason gives some hints of things to come over the next few weeks and tells how shields were absolutely pivotal in the battle that shaped Britain's future.

  • Evolution

    Episode 2

    Shields have taken many shapes and sizes over the thousands of years of their use. Their design isn?t just random or aesthetic. What can the evolution of the shield during the Middle Ages tell us about how warfare itself changed in this turbulent period?

  • The Shieldmaker

    Episode 3

    Jason is joined by shieldmaker Luke Woods, who talks about the materials and construction of shields. Shields weren't just painted pieces of wood but cleverly engineered pieces of technology, with all the materials working together to make a tough defensive item.

  • The Shield Wall

    Episode 4

    In 2017, Jason's team put shieldmaker Luke's handiwork to the test with a group of twenty brave volunteers, who clashed together in various formations of shield wall. In doing so, we explore some of the events recounted in ancient sagas to determine whether they were flights of narrative fancy or...