Modern History

Modern History

5 Seasons

Jason Kingsley OBE has been fascinated by history his whole life, in particular the medieval period and the life of knights. But how much of what we see and hear on TV and in film is accurate? In this series Jason sets out to reveal the reality behind the myths. From weapons and warfare, to religion, politics and chivalry we will learn what it really means to be a knight.

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Modern History
  • A Perfect Partnership

    Episode 1

    The knight and the horse go together like eggs and bacon. The relationship between horse and rider was crucial to the success of a knight. Jason Kingsley OBE discusses his interest in the techniques used to train a horse and tells us a little about his own experience and love of horses.

  • Meet the Horses

    Episode 2

    The second collection of Modern History episodes, focussing on the knight's horse, continues. Jason Kingsley welcomes us into his stables and introduces us to his horses, including the striking blue-eyed Ghost.

  • Battle Training

    Episode 3

    Jason Kingsley continues his exploration of the relationship between knight and horse. In this episode he recreates some of the training that a horse may have been put through to prepare it for the dangers and challenges of battle.

  • Facing the Enemy

    Episode 4

    In the final part of Jason Kingsley's exploration of the relationship between knight and horse, he turns his attention to the techniques a knight might have used to get the better of foot soldiers in battle. He also shows how horses can be trained to work alongside a knight weidling a range of we...