Modern History

Modern History

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Jason Kingsley OBE has been fascinated by history his whole life, in particular the medieval period and the life of knights. But how much of what we see and hear on TV and in film is accurate? In this series Jason sets out to reveal the reality behind the myths. From weapons and warfare, to religion, politics and chivalry we will learn what it really means to be a knight.

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Modern History
  • A Knight's World

    Episode 1

    Welcome to the very first episode of Modern History on HistoryHit.TV! Join presenter Jason Kingsley OBE as he introduces the exciting journey he is about to embark upon, to explore the myths and legends surrounding knighthood and to discover what the life of a knight might actually have been like.

  • A Knight's Tale

    Episode 2

    In the second episode of 'The Knight' Jason goes back to the very beginning to explore where the concept of knights came from. What does the word itself mean? How did knights promote themselves, in the eyes of their vassals, their peers, their lords? And how accurate is the modern day portrayal o...

  • A Knight's Day

    Episode 3

    In this third episode, Jason unpacks the rags-to-riches tale, the classic hero's journey of a knight. But how did a boy truly become a knight? What hardships and responsibilities did he face? Could just anyone become a knight and if so, how did he prove his worth? Jason even dons a full suit of a...

  • A Knight's Life

    Episode 4

    The first series of Modern History concludes with Jason exploring the expectations and responsibilities of real knights. In romantic tradition, knights fought in wars and in tournaments, for honour, recognition and great acclaim. In reality, what else did they do? When war wasn't troubling their ...